Assembled Products™ Corporation

Products that
make life better

Founded in 1983, Assembled Products Corporation has designed, manufactured, and marketed products that make life better for people around the world. Some of our brands you might recognize and may have used are Mart Cart™, Jotto Desk™, and Spray Master  Technologies™.

Our Brands

Jotto Desk

Mart Cart

Spray Master Technologies

Our Approach


Assembled Products Corporation features a unique assembly of products forged into world class brand lines serving a multitude of industries and people of all walks of life, nationally and internationally.  To accomplish this, we’ve assembled people of great talent with a common approach – To serve and help each other succeed so that in turn we can exceed our customers’ expectations.

Quality Statement

We will meet our comprehensive quality management objectives in the design, production and distribution of our products as well as perform and comply with customer and government requirements.

We will implement, maintain and continually improve upon these high quality standards by the most efficient means possible so that our products are competitive throughout the markets they serve.

Core Strengths

Innovation – Assembled Products throughout the years has been at the forefront of pioneering and taking unheard of products from concept to reality in order to make people’s lives better.

Branding – Assembled Products brand lines are well respected and acknowledged leaders within the marketplaces they serve.

Go-to-Market – Assembled Products organizational structure optimizes its diverse selling and marketing operations throughout each brand line.

Flexibility – Assembled Products’ experience serving a multitude of marketplaces has fortified our versatility in adapting personnel and resources to get product to market.

Our History