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Congratulations Scott Dendler, Arkansas Business 2021 CFO of the Year

In 2017, we had unexpectedly lost our CEO to a sudden health crisis, and I found myself at the helm and at a loss for a senior accounting professional.  (Our former CEO was a CPA, and my background is in Business Administration).  I needed an accounting professional skilled in what we were lacking, and fast.

Enter Scott.  During the interview process I told him he would be expected to dig in, and that it wouldn’t be easy.  I knew I didn’t mince words, and that was exactly the problem.  I didn’t know why anyone would want the job, but I prayed God would bring me the right person.

Thankfully, Scott took the job.  He rolled up his sleeves and worked with the team to rebuild the financial statements, create projections, and bolster processes.  Immediately our teams inside and outside of Accounting noticed the difference.  Our people in Payroll, Receivables, Payables – all under Scott’s leadership – began communicating with customers and other team members more clearly because they now had better resources.  One of his team members, Bridget, says of Scott, “He looks at each member of his team as a person and takes time to know what works for each of us individually. He also helps connect his and our visions into daily task, takes the time to listen, and provides positive and negative coaching in a push to make you better at your job. In turn makes me feel more appreciated and a want to do better.”

Not only did Scott turn accounting around for our company and our customers, but he proved to be invaluable during COVID.  Scott’s contributions in the past year and a half have helped us to successfully navigate the fast and furious changes in assistance, payroll, and tax regulations.  Regarding Scott’s leadership in the last year, his Staff Accountant, Cason, remarked, “This last year truly showed how much he cared about the company, as COVID really hit small business and corporations hard, but through his research and knowledge he was able to help us stay strong. Scott has proven that when you truly lead with the utmost integrity and care for other people, that it has a trickle-down effect that influences the whole company to be better.”

And it certainly does.  Scott continues to line up the issues and keeps swinging at them, one by one.  He is respected by his peers both for his no-nonsense business approach, and for his personable side.  Curt Hatton, our Sr. V.P. of Sales and Marketing for our Jotto Desk brand, says “Scott is a straight-forward communicator that listens intently and in my opinion, listens to understand…rather than listening to reply.   Added bonus – he is a bean counter with a personality, so the interactions are personally enjoyable, as well.”

Scott has earned the respect of his peers, his team, and in 4 short years, has become an integral part of Assembled Products Corporation.  Scott embodies our purpose of caring for others through innovations that overcome challenges. I am proud to have him on our team.