Assembled Products Corporation

Statement of Ethics

Last Revised: February 14, 2023

Using the Assembled Products Corporation Statement of Ethics

Does This Apply to Me?

The Assembled Products Corporation Statement of Ethics applies to all employees, agents, contractors, subcontractors, vendors (including professional and administrative services vendors), and other service providers. This Statement of Ethics is not intended to be a full and comprehensive document on corporate policies and procedures regarding employment practices for direct employees of APC.  Employees of APC may obtain a complete list of policies and procedures relating to their employment from Human Resources. For all parties to which the Statement of Ethics applies, if you hire a third party, you must take reasonable steps to ensure the third party is aware of this Statement of Ethics and will abide by it with integrity and honest business dealings.

Work on Behalf of Assembled Products

APC may engage other businesses to perform work on their behalf at locations outside of APC.  If you will be performing work on behalf of APC at any of its customers’ locations or elsewhere, we require that you abide by APC’s Statement of Ethics, and also by the ethics statements of those entities where the work will be performed.  A complete list of customers’ ethics statements are available to our employees and business partners, and can be obtained by calling (800) 548-3373.  You should not perform work on behalf of APC before agreeing to abide by all statements, which are incorporated herein by reference.

Policy and Local Law

Assembled Products Corporation (APC) publishes several policies that are designed to give guidance.  However, we recognize that with global reach, you will encounter many cultures, customs, and laws. Although it is our intention to operate within the law in every location, we recognize the potential for local laws to contradict policy or this Statement of Ethics. In the case of a contradiction between APC policies, in this statement or otherwise, please call our Toll Free number at (800) 548-3373 for direction on applying APC policy in your area.

Our Values

“Products that Make Life Better.” – “Products that Make Life Better” is a simple statement that packs a lot of meaning for us.  It is our intent to provide quality products that not only make daily life better, but also that honor our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We could make many products, but we know that we are here and thriving only because He loves us, and you.  For that reason, we strive to show His love for others as He showed His love to us, in the products we choose, and in the business we conduct. We don’t require that you believe this to work with us, this is simply our statement of belief that guides our behavior, and we wish to make it known to you.

Problem Solvers – We stand committed to solving every problem for our customers.  We believe “where there is a will, there is a way,” and will stay in the battle until we see a solution through to completion.

Integrity – We stand by our products and our service, committing ourselves to the utmost in diligence in every step of the process, from our design to your door. We believe integrity in business should permeate everything we do and say, from stewardship of our customers to stewardship of the environment.  We believe in standing by our word, even when it hurts.

Compassion – We seek to care for and lift up people in their time of need, from our employees to customers to business partners and end users, and everyone in between.

Patience – We live in an instant-access world. Although we strive to give our customers and partners fast access to everything we have to offer, and we will always push for the best, we understand that some things take time.  We commit to offering our patience where it’s due.

Extra Mile – We commit to going the extra mile with and for those we serve.

Teamwork – We know it takes a team to accomplish great things.  We stand ready, arms linked in united purpose, to serve you.

Best Interest of Others – We believe that greatness is not measured by wealth, accolades, or man’s definition of success.  We believe that greatness comes by humble serving, and by putting others’ interests before our own.  So, whether it be to our co-workers, customers, vendors, or anyone else, we say with a smile, “How may we help you?”, and we mean it.

Speak Up

Any person to whom this Statement applies is encouraged to report any action that is in violation of this Statement to APC without fear of retaliation. If you are not sure about how to apply a policy or statement in a certain situation, please feel free to call our Toll Free number for an opinion before taking action.

Report Immediately

Some violations are not always clear, but some are very clear and should be immediately reported. When in doubt, report the situation.  A fair investigation will be launched to ensure compliance, or to take necessary action when required.  Immediately report any of the following:

  • Bribery
    • Offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of any item of value to influence the actions of a person in charge of a decision. This includes gifts by suppliers to APC employees.
    • Suspected violations of anti-bribery laws
  • Misconduct
    • by any employee, Officer, or Director of APC
    • by any other party to which this Statement applies
  • Fraud or Theft involving an employee, Officer, or Director of APC
  • Falsifying Records
  • Hacking – maliciously gaining unauthorized access to any information systems to which they are not given permission to access by the owner of the data
  • Human Rights Violations
    • Threats to human life
    • Use or employment of forced or slave labor (whether direct or indirect)
    • Human trafficking
    • Child labor
  • Criminal Misconduct in the course of business, including but not limited to: anti-competitive tactics, price fixing, colluding, insider trading, or money laundering.

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment


APC expressly prohibits any form of unlawful discrimination harassment based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, genetic information, marital status, disability, amnesty, or veteran status.


Harassment, sexual or otherwise, is against the law and will not be tolerated by APC, while engaged in activities in dealing with, or on behalf of the company. APC will maintain a work environment free of harassment of any kind and from any source, either management, co-workers, or visitors, or any party to whom this Statement applies, while treating all complaints fairly and even handedly in order to prevent frivolous or malicious accusations.

Alcohol and Drug Free

Consumption of illegal substances is strictly prohibited. Parties may not be under the influence of any substance, whether legal or illegal, that impairs function while undertaking or performing work for or on behalf of APC or its customers.  APC will take customary practices into consideration in countries where a moderate consumption of alcohol with a business meal is common.

Inappropriate Conduct

APC will not tolerate obscene, profane, gross, violent, discriminatory, bullying, or similarly offensive language, gestures, or conduct on its premises, on its customers’ premises, or in any published manner including but not limited to: print or electronic news publications, print publications, web sites, social media, or other electronic media.

Conflict of Interest

APC expects all parties to conduct business according to the highest ethical standards of conduct. Business dealings that represent, or appear to represent, a conflict between the interests of the company, an employee, a vendor, or otherwise a party, are unacceptable. Full disclosure of potential conflicts is expected in order to assess and present potential conflicts of interest from arising.

Questions or comments regarding the Assembled Products Corporation Statement of Ethics may be directed to the following:

By Phone:           (800) 548-3373 or (479) 636-5776

By Mail:               Assembled Products Corporation

                                Attention: Corporate Ethics

                                115 E. Linden Street

                                Rogers, AR 72756